Erica Schumacher is a US designer & art director on both sides of the “pond”
Coffee, tea or the buzz of a good Vespa

Erica Schumacher is an American-born designer and art director who came to London in 1999 to work for a “few months”.

She is still here.

A designer who likes to inspire and be inspired, she has found the diversity of London the perfect playground to explore and develop her skills across a wide variety of applications. Whether working directly with a client or as part of an energetic creative team, it is the creative concept – rather than niche, genre or style-driven design – that drives a personal approach and unique solution for every project.

But the world is our oyster. So why stop there?

Erica is also available for assignments abroad. In addition to native English, she also speaks Italian, French and Spanish and is experienced in both living and working in foreign cultures. She has unlimited permission to work in both the EU and US.

Wherever the opportunity, Erica is always happy to discuss new projects and how she may contribute her skills.

Have ideas, will travel!




A curriculum vitae (résumé) is available upon request.